3D Scanner Development Product Prototype

VELENO exhaust development process starts with 3D environment, 3D scanning the car’s bottom. The exhaust system was evaluated and optimized for structural stiffness, fatigue, and thermal loa-ds using CAE simulation and in combination with measurements.


The digital process starts the beginning of the prototype manufacturing. Utilizing engine specifications, sonic resonance values, and dimensional restrictions, Veleno designs multiple prototype concepts for physical evaluation.  The unique “Veleno sound” the brand is known for is achieved through the constant application of this bespoke formula applied to the specific data matrices of the specific car’s attribu-tes.


Each VELENO exhaust product design has been carefully considered, under the conditions of ensuring the original exhaust installation, more to consider lasting stability
Solids and good exhaust efficiency. The coarse diameter exhaust pipe design, tailored to different models, will be introduced to the market after numerous field tests by structural engineers.

Unparalleled performance

Not only in product design, and expectations in the product manufacturing process, VELENO use their mature production technology and welding technology, makes the exhaust pipe products are beautiful and durable, from material selection to production process and quality test links are strictly enforced, to create the best and the good performance of the exhaust noise effect products.
Moreover, VELENO’s exhaust is developed for the installation position of the original car, which ensures high efficiency and installation accuracy, and makes the exhaust more smooth, thus changing the output characteristics of the engine. In addition, in the acquisition of a pleasant exhaust sound, more important is to enhance your car’s comprehensive performance.